Come Sing a Deeper Song

If you wanted to sing a deeper song, what would it look like?

 I don’t know what mine looks like yet, but I sure am looking for it. Will you join me in the search?

Your deeper song is sung from the person you are today

Deeper Song work is based on your unique lifetime of experience, choices, observations, and conclusions. I’m 82 and I finally figured out that the harvest of my lifetime of work is relevant, inspirational, motivating, and a solid, wise place from which to build my Next.

Your deeper song unfolds

Your deeper song is a work in progress. You can’t just sit down and compose your deeper song, it presents itself in moments that build on other moments – it unfolds. What you can do is become more aware of how you are making a difference, what you do that is changing lives, and add more of those notes to your deeper song.

Self-awareness is key to singing your deeper song

Deeper song work is reflective. It is contemplative. It is observant. Deeper song work involves choosing and letting go and changing things to suit your melody.

You choose what goes into your deeper song

You create the harmony of your deeper song. Look for what you have to offer, then choose what you want to give. It’s a bit like selecting which instruments go into your ensemble. My deeper song develops as I write my introspective journeys for my own clarification and yours.

Your deeper song is sung in this very moment

Your deeper song is constantly evolving You are not the person you were yesterday. You are not the person you will be tomorrow. How you sing your deeper song today is up to you. You can sing more mindfully. You can harmonize with everyone you meet. You can build a countermelody that provokes new ideas. Enjoy the gradual emergence of your deeper song.

Singing your deeper song changes you

When I first came across the phrase “deeper song” the impact was immediate. I knew, that above all things, I wanted to learn to sing a deeper song. I had no idea what that meant, but I started exploring. As I opened myself up to the idea of learning to sing a deeper song, insights popped up, phrases stirred new directions, and awareness opened new paths.


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