Come Sing a Deeper Song

We want to feel relevant.
We need to feel our work makes a difference.
Many of us want to sing a deeper song.
How we do that is as unique and individual as we are.

Singing a Deeper Song is about

caralumen-175I’m Cara Lumen, explorer, spiritual philosopher, and guide whose purpose is to translate ideas of self-awareness and spiritual understanding into meaningful messages for others.

I’m on a personal journey to live more deeply. I’m 83 and taking time to harvest the crop of my wisdom and experience, my mistakes and my achievements.

As I come across intriguing, esoteric ideas that take some thought to figure out how to actually bring them into my life, I use writing to figure things out – posts, podcasts, videos, whatever it takes to explore my essence – to learn to sing a deeper song.

My Purpose is to help you understand yourself. To recognize what you need and how you might get it.

My purpose is to help you shift. Whether the change is deep within you, or takes the form of a new awareness that draws a unique response, I hope our time together makes you pause and consider. Take what resonates with you and go sing a deeper song.

My purpose is to make you think. When you subscribe, you receive on-going support to deepen your connection with your inner wisdom.

When you subscribe to Deeper Song
you’ll receive:

  • Thoughtful explorations in the Passionately on Purpose Blog to make you think.
  • Inspiration to take action in Reflections of a Deeper Song Podcasts.
  • Ever-deepening self-awareness from the Deeper Song Process in the Deeper Song Newsletter.

When you become part of the 
Deeper Song Community you discover:

  • An increased feeling of well being. It is incredibly empowering to join like-minded seekers as we help each other along this part of our journey.
  • An ever-deepening awareness of what you want, what’s stopping you, and how you can improve your life experience. The more you understand yourself the more aligned are the choices you make.
  • The ability to change yourself in a manner aligned with you own values and principles so you have greater control and a more positive experience of life. As we explore the meaning of life and how we are to serve, our choices more deeply reflect our inner self.
  • Techniques that help you embrace change. Because life is a series of cycles, we must learn to adjust and change, realign and tweak. The Deeper Song processes help you uncover the answers within.
  • Insights that expand your thinking. As an explorer of the meaning of life, I’m trying to figure out how to live a thoughtful, conscious, aware life. I write about what I discover and offer my insights to you.
  • Greater control over your life experience. My curiosity about the cycles of change and the choices we have within them relate to every area of life. The principles of self-aware change can be applied to any situation to make a positive difference.

Why subscribe to my work?
I encourage self-awareness that 
leads to positive change.

The concept of Singing a Deeper Song resonates with spiritually inquisitive people who seek to live more deeply, who are already in service to others and recognize that my work will help them more profoundly affect the lives they touch. You are self aware, introspective, curious, and willing to change. I help the mud settle so you have a clearer view.

Won’t you join me on the journey to 
Sing a Deeper Song?

I search for meaning at the heart of things.


You, +Cara Lumen, facilitate the opening of people’s hearts so that they can authentically sing a deeper song and that is why people are coming.

You are giving me the courage I need to turn the page. You as an out-of-the-box thinker. You as a catalyst for change.

I love that you’re tackling topics that help you and, in doing so, help the rest of us!

Cara, I love the fact that you are expressing yourself and investing in yourself by continually learning and growing, while others who are half your age are already clocking out!

You make our collective world a much richer experience.

I love that you’re tackling topics that help you and, in doing so, help the rest of us!

You focus on the positive, that is also a reason why so many people (including me) are inspired by you.

I’m inspired by how you are so flexible in responding to the evolving form of you.

Thank you, for encouraging wisdom and discernment.

What a deeply beautiful Soul you are!!

You are a leader and a shining example of what is possible if you are being of service and loving life. Thank you!

Your words inspire, calm and motivate me.

Thought provoking!

I am inspired by your path and the drawing in of souls.

I believe your work is vital!

You are a treasure! Thanks for helping people live big.

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